During 175 years of the SASA

During 175 years of the SASA, the most renowned cultural institution in the country, which has been dedicated to cherishing and supporting science and art for seventeen and a half decades, 21 composers has been admitted to the Academy membership so far, starting from Davorin Jenko (elected in 1869) to Svetislav Bozic (inaugurated in 2015). Operating under different names (Serbian Learned Society, Serbian Royal Academy and Serbian Academy of Sciences), today's Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in its Department of Visual and Music Art has five active composers of various generations who are all represented in the programs of two jubilar concerts. Besides Dejan Despic, Vlastimir Trajkovic, Ivan Jevtic, Isidora Zebeljan and Svetislav Bozic, the repertoire selection for the gala events in the Grand Concert Hall of the Kolarac Endowment shall be supplemented by the works of several greatest authors from the past who are worthy representatives of Serbian musical culture in the country and worldwide. Two of them left the artistic scene in 21st century as they are no longer among us (Ljubica Maric passed away in 2003 and Dusan Radic in 2010), and in 1980s Vasilije Mokranjac left the artistic scene all too soon (1984), whereas Stevan Mokranjac and Josif Marinkovic passed into eternity in the second i.e. early in the fourth decade of the 20th century, respectively, and Hristic and Konjovic passed away in the second half of the 20th century. All mentioned composers who interlaced with their different creative poetics and styles, genres, significance, values and contributions, and the influence they reflected, or they still have on the development of the Serbian music, are on the repertoire of ceremonial concerts, including choir, chamber, symphonic and concertant compositions which, each in its own way, represent the authentic character of their authors.