Academy Organization

The basic activities of the Academy take place in the Academy, its Branch in Novi Sad, the departments, units and institutions, as well as in centers in Kragujevac and Niš.

Academy bodies


The highest administrative body of the Academy is the Assembly which is made up of all of the members. The Assembly meets at least once a year. The most important tasks and decision-making falls within the sphere of its activity: passing of the Statute, work programme and financial plan; election of Academy members; election of the President, members of the Executive Council and Presidency, etc.


The Academy Presidency is the executive body of the Academy's Assembly, made up of the President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary Genera of the Academy, President of the Academy's Branch in Novi Sad, Department Secretaries and one chosen members from the Branch and each Department.

Executive Council of the Presidency

Decisions and conclusions of the Presidency are carried out by the Executive Council of the Presidency, also in charge of all current administrative work of the Academy. It consists of the President, Vice Presidents, Secretary General and President of the Academy's Branch in Novi Sad.

President of the Academy

The Academy is represented by its President who presides over the meetings of the Assembly, the Presidency and the Executive Council and sees that all their decisions are carried out.

Vice-Presidents of the Academy

One of the Vice Presidents, in charge of natural sciences, is elected among the members of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Geo Sciences, Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences, Department of Technical Sciences and Department of Medical Sciences, and the other Vice President, in charge of social sciences and art, is elected among the members of the Department of Language and Literature, Department of Historical Sciences, Department of Social Sciences and Department of Fine Arts and Music. Vice Presidents, each in its specific field, coordinate the work of the respective departments, supervise the work programme and take care of its successful realization.

Secretary General of the Academy

Secretary General takes care of the organization of the work of the Academy bodies, units and offices, coordinates the carrying out of decisions, helps the Department Secretariat in their work, generally supervises the work of the units and offices and is responsible for the Academy's publishing activity. He is editor-in-chief of the Presidency's publications and presides over the Academy's Publishing Committee.

Director of the Academy

The Director of the Academy is in charge of administrative execution of the decisions of the Assembly, the Presidency and the Executive Council. He also directs the work of the Academy's units and offices and is the auxiliary director for the execution of financial plans.